Climate Change: How Would You Like To Pay? ​​​​​​​
Climate change comes with a big price tag but the cost of not taking action is greater. Floods, hurricanes, drought, wildfires, and diseases have already resulted in multibillion-dollar losses. The price we pay costs us more than just money. Climate change has an enormous impact on human life, animal species, plant species, homes, health, safety, society, agriculture, economy, and more. My team transformed a receipt printer into a printer that reports real-time data on climate change. Details and statistics include impacts on human life, animal species, health, and more. The never-ending receipts represent the amounts of loss from climate change while indicating a sense of urgency. Scan the QR code on the floor of the exhibition to support a call to action.
Metaphor 1: "How would you like to pay?" The question we hear every time we are buying something.

Metaphor 2: "A exaggerated receipt spike" This type of  receipt holder is common and often found on the checkout counter.

Metaphor 3: The receipts represents what we paid for climate change.

Metaphor 4: Big letters make out of "$"

Each receipt record many different related loss

A thermal printer and an Arduino uno were being used for this Installation.

My Role: Team Leader, Director; Team: Tiffany Wang, Lisa Chang, Chris Hacker.
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