KBA-NotaSys, a banknote printing company that responsible for 90% of the currency printing worldwide. In this sponsored class, they asked each student to create a fictional banknote series to explore the future of the currency. As a Transmedia designer, I see banknote as a print media that highly emphasized on user experience; and a great platform for storytelling. 
I wanted to tell the story of ocean pollution because it will affect all of us if we don’t do anything about it. The challenge that I faced was on how to tell the story of pollution in a beau­tiful way. I wanted the people to be captured by the beauty of the banknote first and have them be curious and ask questions. 
In the Ocean Pollution Banknote Series, Each banknote features one type of ocean pollution and one species of ani­mals that is impacted by it. The level of pollution increases by the value of the banknotes. There are a number of security features that have been used as part of the narrative: micro-printing and pixelation patterns have been used to embellish the ocean pollution. The transparent window and ring patterns are used to represent the level of pollution. The UV feature is used to reveal the impacted animals. Other security features are also used, such as a hologram, security thread, and serial number.
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